Passion For Blogging?

3 04 2010

Many PR practitioners have a passion for blogging and using many SMNR’s. I have been reading many blogs and I have been seeing a passion that I love and a passion that I cannot stand. I understand that there are many opinions that are opposing on different matters, but this doesn’t mean that foul language and a sense of hate has to be used. I think this is something that can be avoided. For PR practitioners, this is something that probably can completely ruin your reputation. Everyone is different though. I do feel a sense of passion is needed and I love to see it. There is just no reason it needs to get to a point where it is disrespectful.



3 04 2010

As I have been thinking about spam and how disgusting it tastes and smells, it reminded me of how much I do not like spam mail, spam posts, or just spam in general. The word SPAM should just leave existence. It seems that any social media network has spam. The internet is just full of it. As soon as MySpace got popular and took off in the public spam took over. The same with Facebook. I even get comments that are just spam. Is there a way that we can just get rid of spam all together??? Any thoughts? PR Practitioners…How do we deal with this problem when our clients are full of spam?

Another Video…

3 04 2010

So I came across another video. It made me laugh because it reminded me of my teacher that I am actually doing this blog for. She is on top of every single PR connection you could think of. It amazes me. This video is of a boss/man who made a song and music video about how much he is on his media and how much he loves social media. Check IT out! I promise you will get a kick out of it!

Great Video!

3 04 2010

This is Great!

I was on YouTube and I came across this video. In some funny ways it sums up almost everything that a PR Practitioner uses in a little love/country folk song. Take a look here!

Brands That Twitter

2 04 2010

I came across a blog that listed over 100 brands that use twitter as a permotional tool. Twitter is newer, but has taen off at a marketing tool. Twitter being a brand itself has connect millions of people together and creating a new design to what makreting and branding used to look like. Social networking has been proving itself successful not only with the public, but with the business consumer world. Here is the link to the blog I came across by Paul Dunay: Click Here

Public Relation Specialists…

28 03 2010

As I was on the internet just searching around looking at Public Relations related information, I came across the official website of the United States Department of Labor. They have an official definition of what PR is and what specialists do an achieve. Take a look HERE!

What are you doing this summer?

13 03 2010

Summer is coming! Many of us may not know what our plans are or what we want to do. Have you done your internship yet? Here is a link to help you get started on a search to find a good PR internship opportunity~PR Internships