TOP 10 Things Learned in COMM4333 (FINAL)

3 05 2010

The TOP 10 Things Learned From COMM4333 

Throughout this past semester, COMM4333 has offered much knowledge to soak in and put to practice. I went through everything that I have learned and created a TOP 10 list of what I felt were the most important things that I have taken away from this class all semester. Everything I have learned has been posted on this blog and discussed in further detail. Here is just a review and a tap into what I feel was the most important to take away. 

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  NUMBER 10-The Core Framework 

When working in Public Relations there is a core framework that needs to be applied and understood in your everyday work. If this core framework is not used then you are missing the basic foundation of what you are doing. The core framework consists of research, planning, communication, and evaluation. These are just the basics, but are very important in the realm of Public Relations. 






NUMBER 9- News Releases 

When working in Public Relations, it is very important to understand how to create a successful news release. These can be writing on a weekly or daily basis, so it is very important to understand how to write one.  Make sure you number the pages, keep the text in 10-12 standard point, and that you do not split sentences or paragraphs between pages. The most important thing is keep the format correct by following APA style. 

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NUMBER 8-Staying Newsworthy 

What makes what you are writing newsworthy? There a many ways to capture a story and make it newsworthy. There is timeliness, significance, unusualness, human interest, and conflict. There a so many more, but these are just a few to get you mind going. Why is staying newsworthy important? If you aren’t newsworthy, then you won’t get anything printed. If nothing is printed, then what is the point? You need to keep the public and investors interested in what your company is doing. It is all apart of Public Relations. 

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NUMBER 7- Photos 

Photos are a key component to Public Relations. The photo needs to be relevant to the article written and capture the story within that scene. Make sure that all photos you choose will look fine in black and white because that is the color of a newspaper if the photo gets printed. Although PR practitioners are not photographers, you need to have an eye for they type of photo that is needed to keep your work successful. Although words are powerful, the photo grabs the audience. 

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 NUMBER 6- Credibility 

credibility is extremely important when it comes to creating anything. All of your work has to be original or give credit for the other works used within your writing. All of your sources should be given credit even if you just used a simple site to gain additional knowledge. Credibility is VERY important. Do not take credit for work or knowledge that was not originally yours. 

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NUMBER 5- Contact List 

I was given an assignment within this class called a Contact List. As I was putting all of it together, I realized the amazing benefit this could have for you and your company that you are working with. This helps organize and create a specific list of important media contact within the area that is relevant to your company. In case something happens all of the information is ready to go at you fingertips! 

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 NUMBER 4- Staying on Top of New Media 

Media is constantly changing, yet is the main way of communication. It is very important to know the newest technologies and stay on top of knowing how to stay connected using them. 

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NUMBER 3- Avoiding Friction 

When using a blog, you want to keep a quality reputation. Because of this you want to avoid friction. This means, watch what you say, the words you use, and how you use them. It is also good to use a filter for you comments as well. 

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NUMBER 2-AP Style 

Within your writing it is key to write in the proper format. There is an AP style handbook that can be used to help you along with multiple sources easily found online. If you are not writing in proper format, good luck getting printed. 

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NUMBER 1- Networking 

The number 1 most important thing that I got out of COMM4333 was the idea of networking. Now-a-days it is all about who you know and creating relationship. It is good to establish a relationship with many because in the future you may be able to use them as a source. Make sure your relationships are constant and not always based on business. Get away and grab some lunch and have casual conversation. While you do this, you are also establishing trust and community. 

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