SMNR-Your Social Media News Release Tool!

15 04 2010

What is a Social Media News Release?
A SMNR is a Social Media News Release. It is just like a news release but includes multimedia characteristics and is also all electronic.  This is a growing and upcoming way that Public Relation practitioners are starting to adopt and put into practice. SMNR’s include video, hyperlinks, information, a news release, along with pictures and other sources. This concept is certainly a key tool to be used in today’s business media world. It is an advantage that our online services allow us to use. We can communication easier through these and have a more effective news release. The media content is more entertaining. It is said that more journalists prefer that PR practitioners use a Social Media News Release over a regular news release. The SMNR is more accessible to the audience and grabs their attention with and interest because of the unlimited resources you are allowed to attach and bring to their attention. Videos are also a great part about SMNR’s. They are easy to attach and engage the audience. Tagging is essential and there is a benefit that the PR practitioner has a two-way dialogue with the audience. When it comes to the audience in of SMNR’s, the main target are the bloggers online. These are the people you want to engage in. This goes along with one of my previous posts. Bloggers and other website have a huge effect on your company, so it is extremely crucial to keep the bloggers engaged and entertained in your content.

What are the Advantages versus the Disadvantages?

So far most would say there are very limited disadvantages. This concept is still recently designed that disadvantages have not fully been approached. Major advantages though can be listed off.
1.    There are websites to help easily create a SMNR
2.    Visual aid including movies, links, and pictures
3.    You can easily add countless amounts of links to additional resources in support of your subject
4.    SMNR’s are easily shared with more people who traditional News Releases cannot reach as fast

When Should A PR Practitioner Consider SMNR’s?

I previously stated that most journalists are starting to prefer SMNR’s over an old-fashioned news release. When working with a new client or company, SMNR’s can be a great source of helping add additional information to a news release that is easily acceptable. Consider the implications of your client specifically and what they may prefer. But in reality, when shouldn’t you use one? They are extremely beneficial.

Want some tips?! I just wanted to give a few tips for SMNR creation!

  • Provide Credible Links
  • Make sure you take advantage of the multimedia aspect (add pictures and video)
  • Tell the whole story
  • Link to additional resources to connect to other information in regards to your specific topic
  • Still keep everything grammatically correct
  • Create a boiler point

For additional information and tips Click Here

Here is a link to PR WEB in Plain English. This will help put SMNR’s in to a simple context. Click Here
As I looked around online I came across this video that is very help when you are trying to understand and gain the concept of SMNR’s. Click Here if you are interested in learning more about SMNR’s and where they are taking Public Relations.
I also came across a website that specifically looks into and trains the public on Social media News Releases. The link of the website is HERE if you are interested in looking into that. Take a look!

Here is a link to a SMNR that the company MercaForex created–> CLick Here

It’s your turn~ Want to create a SMNR???

Visit these following links to easy free creation!




For any extra information or connection visit for all of your Public Relation needs~!




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