Visitor Jeff Houck

11 04 2010

Jeff Houck, writer for the Tampa Tribune, came to Southeastern University April 6th, 2010. As a guest speaker, Jeff Houck spoke to Barbara Nixon’s PR writing class on public relations in the journalistic world. He had some great advice and information that was beneficial for anyone who was even remotely interested in pitching stories or just learning how to network.

I had the privilege to ask Jeff Houck a question about how he establishes relationship with everyone in his networking circle. He talked about face to face relationship. The best way to establish a healthy relationship with a source is to not have the conversations always be business related. When creating a relationship, you also create a trust. Go out of your way  to shake their hand or call them on the phone weekly. Those are just some simple steps to creating and establishing a relationship.

While answering my question and shaking my hand, he put a simple truth of Public Relations into perspective.

If interested in reading some of Jeff Houck’s articles or creating a relationship with him and his resource click here.




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