3 04 2010

Marketing Over Coffee—Click Here

This is a Pod Cast that is done by two men named Chris and John. They go over many different areas of the market and explain their views and how to help better anyone’s understanding of the market. This past week they talked about R.O.Y and the influence of timing and numbers in a marketing world. Most companies never realized that the traffic of users to simple website they have connecting with Facebook or Twitter really do have an effect on the results of their company. They talked about numbers and how to analyze them. There is a place on Google (Google Analytics) where companies can go in and place their particular numbers that are relevant to their company and Google will do all the configuring of numbers. This si something to try so you can better understand your goal and have to employees understand the goal as well.

Then they went into discussion about the iPad and whether or not they would jump on the bandwagon and get one. The screen is about ten inches and is great for traveling. The also pointed out that the iPad would be a great tool for a sales and marketing representative. They used the example of a coffee shop. A person can pull up the graphs and numbers on the spot and the picture is unbelievable. stressed is every company lives and dies in their data bank. You need to make sure you build your own data bank.

The one thing they stressed what that you need to build your own data bank. As a company, you live and die within your data ban. If other sites crash you can still rely on the data bank that you have assembled.

This was a very beneficial Pod Cast. I am not a rapid listener, but this was enjoyable because of the presence they had when talking. It was as if you were there in conversation with them. I was very surprised with the amount of information I received form listening to the Pod cast. I would love to learn more about marketing and all the aspects that go into the profession. Time wise just listening in on their show is all I will be able to do for now.

These types of venues are great for PR specialists and students just because it is easy information. Instead of listening to music you are getting educated. Especially listening into a marketing podcast you are able to understand that field better, in return, will help you better connect and be successful in your field. Students especially should take advantage of Pod casts and shows like these because it is knowledge from people who are actually working in their field and not just teaching it.

Students take advantage of the opportunities you have online. You the media to your fullest advantage!




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