Things that are Annoying- (TOW 13)

3 04 2010

There tends to sometimes to be an annoying factor to PR specialists. Journalists especially can get very annoyed when working with PR people. Going into this field I think that it is beneficial to point these things out that are annoying, so as I and other PR students enter into this field we can work better in these areas.
1-    PR Specialists use too many words. Journalists are people who keep things interesting, but get right to the point. PR specialists do the opposite and keep things wordy.
2-    PR people are not always time relevant. They have a tendency to not be as timely as a journalist would like.
3-    PR people tend to talk about things that are not needed. There is lots of information that they give that a journalist does not need for the story.
4-    Because they add extra information, they tend to neglect what is really needed for the journalist to write a credible to story and report it.
5-    PR specialists are all about reputation. This can sometimes get to their heads and what they expect.
6-    PR specialists act as if they are selling a product even when it is not their job. This can be very annoying when it comes to being a journalist. They do not want your product, they want the story.
7-    PR specialists do not have a sense of perfect writing ability. It is very annoying to a journalist when there are many punctuation errors that they have to deal with, This is not just something that annoys journalists, but everyone!
8-    Because of a sales person mentality, PR specialists can be very pushy. This may be because their reputation is on the line or for some other reason. It is just annoying.
9-    Lack of communication is something that is also very prevalent when it comes to PR specialists. They can neglect to keep good communication with the journalist, which in turn, leaves the journalist hanging.
10-    PR specialists can tend to be very overwhelming at times. There needs to be a balance of space and understanding. Many times PR specialists think they can do everything thing, when the truth is they can’t.
These are just ten things that I thought would be good to bring to the surface before entering into the Public Relations field. It is always good to understand you field and what other’s views are on your position. This will help you learn how to overcome the negative connotations and create a better relationship with the people you have to work with to be successful.




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