New Bloggers (TOW 16)

3 04 2010

Blogging is something that I was new at in the beginning of this recent semester. I was very excited in learning how to make my own and getting my words and thoughts out to everyone. There are ten different tips that I would like all PR students to take into consideration before they enter into the blogging world. They may not be the same thought as everyone, but these are my thoughts that may be useful.

1) Make Sure You Are Passionate About What You Are Writing!

When is comes to blogging, I was very excited to express my thoughts and passions to the world. Because my first blogging experience was for a class and particularly all about Public Relations, I began to get a distaste. I like Public Relations, but I am not in love with it, which made blogging very boring and rough for me.

2) Learn To Love It

If you are going into Public Relations, you need to learn to love every part of the profession along with blogging. Blogging is something that PR practitioners do on a day-to-day basis. It is key and crucial that you learn to love blogging and everything that goes along with it.

3) Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks are something that you need to learn to put into your posts. This either goes with your research or something just to keep you audience entertained. Hyperlinks should not be put in as a web address though. IN blogging you are allowed to make a direct connection through a hyperlink in a word that is in you sentence. This makes your blog look more organized and professional.

4) Credibility

Because you are on the internet and any people can see your posts, you need to make sure you give credit where credit is due. Credibility is always important in any writing, but especially in blogs.

5) Pictures

Make sure to add some picture within your blog. People are very visual so this will help entertain them. It also adds another way you can connect the audience to what you ar talking about within your writing.

6)Spelling and Punctuation

Spelling and punctuation are something that I struggle with all the time. This is something though that cannot be ignored. When you blog there is a spell check button so make sure before you post you always click it. You are putting all of your writing into the public, so make sure you do not make your writing look bad.

7) Network

When having a blog you are able to connect with hundred of people from all over the world. Take advantage of this and network. See what people have to offer and what you can offer them.

8) Comments

You write a blog so people will read and comment on your postings. The thing is, you have to do the same. Make sure that you are looking at others blogs and commenting on their posts. IF you comment on people’s blogs they will most likely do the same on yours.

9) Research

If you are wanting to put in interesting content within your posts do research to do so. There are so many things that people would love to know about. Be the person to tell them about it before anyone else does.

10) Reputation and Respect

With a blog you can gain a reputation of the kind of writing that you have. You get to choose your reputation. ALong with a reputation you need to be respectful. That is my number one rule about everything. Remember to respect others in your writing, in your comments, and in the responses of the comments you receive. There are opposing views, but that doesn’t mean that respect has to disappear. Continue to respect and you will build integrity and your reputation.

This is just some of my input that I feel you should take into consideration when you are beginning to learn to blog as a PR student.




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