5 Steps to Multimedia Storytelling (TOW14)

3 04 2010

5 Steps to Multimedia Storytelling-NewsU

Choosing a Story-

In multimedia stories it is always good to include a video. This will be beneficial to you. Multimedia stories are nonlinear. When choosing a story make sure you collect preliminary information. This is needed to help create a concrete idea.

Create a Storyboard-

There are three different areas of creating a storyboard:

Define–Here you want to define what all the elements are going to be.

Identify– This is where you want to identify the media for the story.

Storyboard– This is where you will figure out the full concept of the story.

Reporting Multimedia-

This is the section in which you learn all of the basic need of what you will need for multimedia storytelling. You will learn what to pack, how to pack, how to travel, what to bring, what exact equipment is best for the traveling you are doing, how to go through an airport, what technologies you should bring and how to maintain. There are so many different elements that are beneficial to pay attention to in this section. This can also be helpful for people who are just doing this for leisure.


Video–Keep short, effective B-roll, avoid action shots with lots of movement.

Audio–Only high quality, use subtitles if no other options, avoid background music.

Still Photos– Wed is a visual medium-use photos, you can use Photoshop, photos are used in two ways: 1-individually 2-sequentially

Graphics–Can make on a geographic info system, use hash tags, graphics can sometimes be the centerpiece of the story.

Text–This is a comfort for print people, use display type, works best for first person stories.

Producing the Story-

A print reporter will mainly be the person who will organize a story and a multimedia reporter will be the person who will shape the story. The wed designer is used to edit the story. There are many different tasks that each individual will be in charge of directing to make it a successful story. One thing to keep in mind, is to create more than one format so the readers do not get bored. If the readers are bored, then nothing sells.

This was a great NewU course. I personally love it because I learned something outside of my main focus. When we keep in mind these other insights then we become more well-rounded. This helps out our career and can just be an interesting hobby to pick up. I would love to learn more about the certain technologies that are needed and what is good versus bad in that area. There is so much more to learn.




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