TOW-Info graphics

28 03 2010

Withing journalistic writings visuals have a place of importance. There are those types of graphics that are more focused from the photo journalism perspective and then there are those such as infographics that place more of an information/explanational purpose.

Info graphics are placed within articles to give and example or explanation of what the article is talking about. They tends to be graphical but in a more creative manner. For example, there may be a pie graph used to show the sales of the pizza industry. As an infograph the pie graph would literally look like a pizza. This gives a more relevant and creative visual that goes along with the information being presented within the article.

When making infographics, you want to make sure that you are creating a visual that pertains directly to the information given. Creativity matter, but s does relevancy. The graphics should not be so distracting that they take away from the main idea of the information. You do not want the infographic to be a distraction. Make sure there is a distinction of simplicity. You want the reader to be able to still follow and understand the graph. The whole reason the graph is there is to help better explain the information being given.

Here are some examples:

*These photos were found on google images.




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