TOW-NewsU Lead Lab

13 03 2010

The NewsU Lead lab was a beneficial tool to open the students eyes to understanding and creating a effective news lead. The course contributed a multitue of links that borought the student through information about leads, prexenting actual examples, along with giving the oppotunity for practice to write news leads and compare them to other students who have taken part within the same course of activity.

Most imformation that was given wthin the NewsU Lead Lab has been something that I have been introduced to before. The one thing that I really did enjoy about the course it that I was able to take time and get a closer look into these things that I have heard of already. I have already learned before in my classes about what makes a story news worthy and how to grab the readers attention. This was not a new concept to me so when the course had taken me into the talking about leads and grabbing the readers attetion i felt as if it were repetative for me. It was great though to see how the course brought me to a situational aspect. The course had me look at different types of stories and how to write about them. I usually write most of my stories about the smae types of things, so to look at storeis that deal with sudden situations and off the shart type of information was good to understand and learn.

I would have loved to read actual news leads that have made an impact from a journalistic standpoint. I am a person who needs to interact with what I am doing. It is hard for me to sit at a computer, read a course, and really get excited. I need actual interaction.

As I continue to reflect, I have realized thats leads can be the most interesting and fun part of the story to write. This is where you have the opportunity to grab the attention of the audience and put your creativity really at work. Yet, there are guidlines to write it, it is the adrenaline that shoudl drive you to grab tha reader’s attention.  I would just love more inter action with leads. I think this will take me to directly be in connection with the story.




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