Chpater 7 Notes

13 03 2010

Chapter 7 Notes

  • When writing a feature story is it used to help in these five areas. Make sure that these intertwined within your feature:

1)       Give information to the consumer

2)       Give background about organizations

3)       Give a behind-the-scenes perspective

4)       Add a human dimension to events

5)       Generate publicity

  • For writing a feature you need to keep in mind these three things to help with ideas:

1)       Conceptualize how something lends itself to future treatment

2)       Determine if the information would be interesting and useful for your audience

3)       Be sure that the feature helps achieve organizational objectives

  • A proposal is used as an outline of the entire article and tells in detail why a magazine should publish it. In a proposal it should include:

1)       Tentative title of the article

2)       Subject and theme

3)       Significance

4)       Major points

5)       Descriptions of available photos and graphics

  • These are the most common types of feature stories that are used within PR writing:

1)       Case studies

2)       Application stories- similar to case study but focuses on how consumers can use a product or service in innovative ways

3)       Research studies

4)       Backgrounders- there are several kinds. They can focus on a problem and its solution from the product or it can explain how the product has evolved.

5)       Personality profiles

6)       Historical pieces

  • There are 5 different parts of a feature story and they are:

1)       The headline

2)       The lead

3)       The body

4)       The summary

5)       Photos and graphics

Source: Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques




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