13 03 2010

Featuring PROpenMic~!

This is a social networking system that has just come to my attention. It connects students and recently graduated students to the Public Relations operating world. The site has connections and different activities that connect directly with PR. Details of internship, groups, events, photos, and blogs are all interconnected within this site. The wonderful thing about PROpenMic is that it gives the user an opportunity to create a personal profile, just like the social network of Facebook.

Summer is almost here and this is always a great time to find and get plugged into an internship concerning PR! This social network includes a link that help direct PR students in the right direction concerning internships. The direct connection leads to a page that includes Tweets from firms and other organizations about potential openings. Click HERE if interested!

Another great feature to the site is in relation to conferences and events that are being held throughout the nation. These would be great conferences to look into if you are very serious about making connections and networking within PR organizations. If you are interested in taking a look at these click here.

Connections and resources are right beneath our noses and it is time to take full advantage of this time and information. This social network is just one easy way to get yourself entirely connected with other PR students and the PR world. I am sure that many employers look to this site to see the connections and effort student put into these profiles on this site. Make sure you are placing your best work and most relevant work onto the site.

When wanting to make connections with other people, it is as easy as a click of a button. There is a place to search for specific people and there are also a place where random users are placed on your page that may be an interest to you to connect with. As of recently there are around 6,000 members that you have the opportunity to connect with.

This site has taught me a lot just by looking through the different links that it provides. It gives updates and news along with almost everything you would need to help prepare you for the working PR world! If you are willing and interested in creating your own personal profile click here. There is a big opportunity here for you if you are interested at all in Public Relations. This is the time to connect. The earlier the better. The most connections the more opportunity.




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