1 03 2010

This weeks topic is about Twitter. Twitter is a website/program that connects people together like Facebook. The idea is to leave a message that is 140 characters or less providing a message for a receiver. The receivers are people who you may request to follow or add as friends. It is a great way of networking and placing links of information for viewers.

As a class we were given the assignment to Tweet 20 times and to respond to 5 others tweets. After connecting with many people and seeing how the system worked, it was still really hard for me to engage myself into regularly participating in Twitter. I had no interest before this assignment to make myself a Twitter account. I felt as if it was knowing too much information about my peers.

When I made my account I was not connected to many of my peers, but I was connected with up to 60 Public Relations specialists who were experts in their field. I was able to connect with some of these people, which in turn is a great networking tool. I appreciate my teacher for this. Other than the few connection I had made I still did not gain much interest in the program. I would Tweet about activities I was doing and ideas and questions I had. I did this to try to get participation out of those who I was connected with.

I learned that Twitter is an amazing way of networking. It is also a great way to gain knowledge. I say this because most people post links or talk about recent events. For example, I would not have known about the incident at Sea World unless I looked on Twitter. There is a friend connect something called Breaking News and it would update consistently throughout the day with new events. It was very helpful.

I was very surprised to see how I did not get addicted to it. Most people are twitter crazy and on it all the time and after using it for a week I thought I would for sure be constantly checking and updating my statuses. It was opposite. I had to push myself to keep checking and updating. I wish it wasn’t like that though. I think this was mainly because I did not have the time to sit down and really learn the program. I do not have much free time in the day and so that was the last thing I wanted to sit down and look at considering the amounts of homework I had on top of this assignment.

I want to know more about Twitter and how to use it. But once again time is not in my favor at the moment. I wish I could sit down and experiment. Once I am not as busy I hope I do take the time to learn more about Twitter and how to use it.




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