House Rules-TOW

17 02 2010

After reviewing all of the commercials from the 2010 Superbowl, I have chosen my favorite one to be House Rules. This is a Doritos commercial. The scene is of a little boy meeting his mother’s boyfriend. The boyfriend looks at the mom in an untastful way and the boy saw this happen. As the mother leaves the room, the boyfriend talks to the little boy as he grabs a Dorito. Right before the boyfriend places the Dorito in his mouth the little boy slaps him and says, “You keep your hands off my momma, and you keep your hands off my Doritos.”

This was a very humorous commercial. It targeted the audience in the manner of making people laugh. People watch the Super Bowl, lots of times, for the humor that is in the commercials. I think that the Doritos company executed their commercial very well. The commercial portrayed value and respect for the product. The child was showing protection over his mother and the product. It was showing that Doritos are valuable and are to be respected.

I personally do not eat Doritos very much, but because of the commercial I would have easily bought the product just because of the presentation and humor.

Doritos also had a commercial that was a disappointment. There was a commercial that Doritos had that included a man and his dog. The dog ended up putting his electronic collar on his owner in oder to have the Doritos. It was a very odd and unrealistic commercial. I did not think it was funny at all. Humor was the aim of the commercial and it did not succeed in that area. It just seemed juvenile and pointless. It was not relevent to the audience at all. This commercial was frustrating to watch.

Doritos has its highs and it’s lows within it commercials. So, in reality of the amount of commercials Doritos had, they were successful in their advertisement.




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