Chapter 4 Notes-Finding and Making News

7 02 2010

The Challenge of Making News-

There are four obstacles the publicists generally have to face when making a news story and they are:

  • Media gatekeepers
  • Shrinking news hole
  • Reality that the traditional mass media is now fragmented, and it is no longer possible to reach the larger public through a single medium
  • Information overload


What Makes News

  • Timeliness
  • Prominence
  • Proximity
  • Significance
  • Unusualness
  • Human Interest
  • Conflict
  • Newness

All of these have specific characteristics that set them apart as good subjects of news. They hold interest to readers in all categories and uphold the standard of news for journalist.

ONe of my favorite parts from the chapter was a list of 32 ways to create news for an organization your may be affiliated with. Here is it:

32 Ways to Create News for Your Organization

  • Tie in with news events of the day
  • Cooperate with another organization on a joint project
  • Tie in with a newspaper or braodcast station on a mutual project
  • Conduct a poll or survey
  • Issue a report
  • Arranger and interview with a celebrity
  • Take part in a contreversy
  • Arrange for a testimonial
  • Arrange for a speech
  • Make an analysis or prediction
  • Form and announce names for committees
  • Hold an election
  • Announce an appointment
  • Celebrate an anniversary
  • Issue a summary of facts
  • Tie in with a holiday
  • Make a trip
  • Make an award
  • Hold a contect
  • Pass a resolution
  • Appear before a public body
  • Stage a special event
  • Write a letter
  • Release a letter you recieved (with permission)
  • Adapt national reports and surveys for local use
  • Stage a debate
  • Tie in to a well-known week or day
  • Honor an institution
  • Organize a tour
  • Inspect a project
  • Issue a commendation
  • Issue a protest

These were some of the main things that stuck out in the fourth chapter of the text book. These are inportant tips to hold on to for future reference in journalism.

Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques By:Dennis L. Wilcox




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