Topic of the Week-Blog Comments

4 02 2010

This week I have simply been asked two questions to answer. Do I know the exact answer to both? No. But I will aswer these to my fullest potential with my view. The two questions are why are comments such an integral part of blogs? And what advice would you give on writing an effective blog comment?

Comments play a huge role in blogs considering they are supposed to be interactive. We state our opinions and write our thoughts expecting others to comment and create discussion. I know there are those who have a blog just to give information and create a connection with the reader, but that is still an interaction. Comments motivate and create and atmosphere for growth of the blog. Blogs also become known by their popularity. Without comments and personal interaction within the blogs, they will not be that successful. Blogging is also a key point of networking. In the PR world having a blog would be a critical peice for networking and keeping fact straight.

My advice is to comment and make connections. Create interaction with those all around the world. If you comment on someone’s blog they are then likely to comment back on yours as well. Make connections. Dig for knowledge. Widen your opinions and look at others. You never know what you might find until you comment and create interaction on another blog.

One other tip. If there is a company or organization that you support, contribute and comment on their blog. It inspires those who are pushing to make a difference and it creates an atmoshpere of encouragment.

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