Topic of the Week-Grammer Girl

3 02 2010

Readers Share Their Funny Errors

As I was listening to Grammer Girl and her stories that she shared, I realized how many times people complete something with errors in it even if spell check is applied. One thing that made me laugh is the amount of errors that happened in religious settings. I know this happens more that the things that were posted on Grammer Girl. Here is an example of a religious one.

There was a sign or bulletin that stated “The church is offering a Holy massage from God.” This is very funny to me. What the message was supposed to say was that the church was offering a Holy message from God.

Here are a couple more that aren’t religious, but are still funny in the work place.

-A lady sent a letter out and recieved a call to get that message back. She sent the message calling a man horrible instead of honorable.

-Someone addressed a memo to Virgin instead of Virgil.

-A woman wanted to write “psychotherapist” but instead wrote psycho the rapist.

These are just a few that I got a kick out of. I am sure there are many more out there. I bet I make thses mistakes everyday. This is why it is so important to do spell check but also read over everything one more time. Spell check is not always right and neither are we.

Here is the Grammer Girl Website:

Check it out!




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