Chapter 1 Notes

2 02 2010

Writing is Only One Component

There are four core components to the framework of public relations:

-Research, planning, communication and evaluation

You should implement strategy because it creates a direction and angle of approach.

Writers as Communication Technicians

Writers in public relations are known for their production in areas such as news releases, contact, feature stories and so on.

There is a concept amongst the roles that are played. They are:

-The expert prescriber, the communication facilitator, the problem-solving facilitator and the communication technician.

Writing is One of Five Skills

-Knowledge of public relations, knowledge of current events, knowledge of business, knowledge of managment

Public Relations Writer

Public relation writers have to go beyond what is socially known as their job. They need to understand their specific audience and social environment, they need to work with channels, understand functioning of a computer, continually have credible sources, know AP style, create blogs and internet groupings and follow current events and social norms.

Writing guidelines are extremely important to understand, grasp and learn because they are changing every year.

With any writing Kerry Tucker and Doris Derelian give six questions to ask yourself to assure that your piece is fulfilling it’s purpose.

  1. What is the desired communication outcome?
  2. Who is the target audience?
  3. What are our target audience’s needs, concerns, and interests?
  4. What is our message?
  5. What communication channel is most effective?
  6. Who is our most believable spokesperson?

It is important to follow all the guidelines when it comes to writing any peice for public relations. If many gramatical errors appear or the story does not consist of proper structure, the reader will easily be distracted from the purpose of the peice.

Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques By:Dennis L. Wilcox




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